Sunday, February 20, 2011


yeah so its like, wicked late or wicked early... however you wanna look at it works for me. At this point i'm so tired i can't sleep. . . so i've to decided to write a whole lot about nothing.
*warning: you can stop now and save yourself or you could continue and waste your time. Whatever floats your boat*
so i guess i'll explain the name of this blog, and then just ramble on about a whole lot of nothingness as the sheep come back towards the barn, and i'll count them as they jump the fence so hopefully i'll be abe to sleep after that. So here's the story, MyAmazingCrazyMessedUpFrusteratingLife is exactly what my life is: Amazing, Crazy, Messed Up, and oh so frusterating. Between School, Friends, and Family. . . There's no end to the madness! At times i guess its not so bad.... But honestly it all depends. soooooooooooo i think the sheep are back early. . . and its off to sleep i go. Adu for nowsies.

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