Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mud, Oh, Mud

Mud... Is very muddy. I'm not talking about anything cryptically here... I'm talking about good ole dirt mixed, or rather soaked with lovely Dioxygen Monoxide. (Thats water, folks... Not something deadly or poisionus. If it was we'd all be d.e.d.. dead) Mud can be very very squishy, but don't be fooled, people. If you squish too much, the squish turns into suck and it grabs ahold of your footwear and won't let go! Its like a suction cup, or more a vaccum, pulling so hard on your shoe -or boot, or flippiefloppies or what-have-you- that if you try to just pull it out you'll land on your butt, and then the shoe'd be the least of your worries. Cause if the mud decided to suction cup your butt... Well just use your imagination to tell how well that would end. The moral(s) of this story: don't walk in mud, cause its muddy and will act like a suction cup and eat your shoe or make you fall on
your butt. Water a.k.a. H2O a.k.a. Dioxygen Monoxide is perfectly safe and is what makes mud so muddy.

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