Friday, December 30, 2011

A Farewell to Twenty Eleven

It's hard... to think about the year in review. Countless doors were opened and shut; several pushed ajar, but more were then locked. Some for the better, I will admit. So many things now, I look at differently... All the memories with friends I hope to never forget. All I have to see is a
red cape,      box of CocoPuffs,     a feather,   Winnie-the-Pooh,         Pokemon,      fire,     a foam dart,    a big yellow limosine...
hear a mysterious ticking noise,  the word FIND,   the waves upon the sand.
It all brings back memories.
From the rush of joy of finally getting my permit, to waking up every morning and realizing that despite the night's hopelessness, there's still something to look forward to. It's the touch of a hug that says more than any kiss.
Now, looking back, I realize that there are so many people I can't imagine living with or without. Choices I had made are reversing themselves and people are reappearing. While on the other hand, despite countless, fruitless attempts,  some have compleatly dissapeared. But there's nothing that can be changed now... not really. Sure, last minute words can be said and a few actions could move proverbial mountains, but try as I might, 2011 is on it's way out.
It's almost time for this tome to close and a new one to begin. So many stories... some may continue but there are adventures aplenty just waiting to be had. There are more doors -way more than any Tiny Tower could hold- that are waiting to be opened. So goodbye my almost lover. The dog days are over. It's been a good time but this place is about to blow. The last thing I have to say to you 2011 is... Do you have any grapes? (;

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