Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 Nonsense

Alright 2012... Let's lay down the law. I want no funny buisness, no crazy acts, no shnanigans. HA! Who am I trying to kid? This year is going to be crazy... from graduating in June to going to college in the fall... and who knows what's going to go down in between. I once saw the words of a wise person, and they said that you only live once. I'd like to think that's pretty obvious in the world we live in today. But the rest  of it was that if you do it right, live without regrets and doubts, then once is enough. So let's jump in, head first of course. Again, you only live once and taking chances is a great way to spend your time... and who knows if this is the last year we're gonna live? Not that I believe in all that mumbo-jumbo-nonsense (;

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