Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I want...

I have decided that I want to makes some new friends.I want to go out into the world... and meet all the people it has to offer. I want to hug a person laying on the side of the street, and tell them that it's going to be okay. I want to laugh at someone robbing a bank, we all know they won't get very far. I want to hold a new born babe, so pure and innocent from the start. I want to spend time with a lover, have our fingertips connect in pure bliss. I want to listen to an elder, picture the world as it used to be, for it will never be that way again. I want to answer all the questions from a curious child, watching their eyes light up as they marvel at the vastness of the world. I know that this world is bigger than the here and now... I want to see just how large it really is. I want to meet all the people, see and hear all the pain, passion, love, happiness, joy... there's so many emotions to be found in this world and I want it all.

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