Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The London Spotlight

Standing lonely a busy street somewhere in London, I look for a friendly face. Someone who, like in all the movies, would take me under their wings and show me the ways I missed while growing up in the states. Cautiously I step out and onto a bus. Going to the top, I ride and just watch at all the hustle and bustle below. I would say I'm alone up here, but there's a dad with two kids and an elderly couple enjoying the crisp morning. There's something in this moment that makes me smile... It's the love that I see from these people that's so pure and simple and caring. I look out across the Thames River and think. I know life is far from the glamour that is movies... and odds are I won't get a lovely chap to fall in love with me right away. But being here, being back where my life first started... It's something that only I can enjoy. So I take pleasure in living in the moment here and now... there's nothing anyone can do to take it away from me. Maybe a smile will bring someone into my life in time.. but currently I'm the only star in my movie and I'm going to enjoy the spotlight.

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