Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Talk and I'll Listen

There are nights... and there are days. But only some are worth speaking of. Rather, they all can be talked about... The amout of how interesting they really are depends. Anyways, these nights are full of tears, laughter, hope, despiration, lonliness and togetherness. Throw 'em together and mix 'em up and you've got a little thing I like to call life. There's always a sunrise that leads into a sunset and like always that sunrise will come back around after the sunset is gone. A new beginning after every end, with every breath and decision. The point is, there is never ever a reson to loose hope and give up. Problems? They come and go but this life is the only one you've got. Don't throw it away... Try not to even think about throwing it away. 'Cause we all have our issues but you don't wanna miss that sunset... The stars and the moon. The sunrise with the birds singing their song. All the laughter and tears. The lonliness that makes togetherness so special. The despiration that makes having hope so important. You never know what nights and days will be worth talking about... Now me? I'll listen to anything <3

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