Monday, February 13, 2012

The Beach Upon the Ocean of My Heart

My heart is a beach upon a beautiful ocean... The waves come in and out, a steady lub-dub rhythm. When the tide comes in, the tears start to flow. But it's okay because as the tide receedes, I wipe my cheeks dry and focus on the rhythm. Waves build, hold their white caps, and crash upon the sand only to slink back from whence they came so they can grow again. At the same time I take a deep breath in, hold it, and let the air escape from me before I take another. Breathe in and hold as waves slide down the sand. Growing from the ocean, the white caps build as I let the carbony air release once again from my lungs. In and out. In and out. Upon the soft sand people leave their footprints. As the waves come in and the tide rises, those footprints are washed away. Most of the time, people are back to make more footprints in the sand. But when the waves wash them away and there is noone to make them once again... Then there's just no footprints. As people come and go there are some that have left my life but they walked high upon the beach, and the tide hasn't reached that high upon the beach to wash their footprints away. Some people have left quite easily and it's no big deal. Whereas there are also others I miss incredibly, but I know that I'll never see them again... and they'll never walk along the ocean either. Those who are forever gone from me now dot the black night sky above. Those who just choose to be gone but my heart refuses to let go are now thoughts that may one day materialize. There are footprints all over my heart, the ocean keeps it to a steady rhythm. If I lay down and listen to the silence, it's not long before my ears catch the waves upon the sand.

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