Monday, February 27, 2012

A Conversation for Strangers

There are some days when all I want to do is have a conversation with a stranger.

Question: Why?
Answer:Why not?

Question: What would we talk about?
Answer: Anything would work for me... I just want to talk. I want someone to listen to me as I tell a story from the very beginning. I want to debate over a topic of either grand importance or maybe of little importance. I want to listen to them speak about something that they're passionate about.

Question: How about an example?
Answer: Okay... How about being sick. I can handle pain, and being bed ridden and feeling like poo, but I CANNOT HANDLE having a stuffy nose or tossing my cookies (I hope you know what that means). I don't know why I can't stand a stuffy nose, I just... It's being able to breathe out one side and not being able to breathe out the other... or not being able to breathe at all. And when I try to blow my nose, it only makes things worse. I just have to sit and be patient for it to go away and that's another thing about me.. I'm not very patient! And to "get sick"... well that's just gross. I'd rather fight anything coming up tooth and nail than just get it over with and get it out of my system. Sure it doesn't make much sense... but that's just the way it is.

Question: Why such a novel?
Answer: You wanted an example... and thus I gave you one. I want to be able to talk about ANYTHING, and no one's ever asked me my feelings on being sick, or how much pain I can handle. It's one of those pointless, trivial facts about myself. Now here's a question for you...

Question: What?
Answer: My question for you is what's something you've never talked about because no one's ever asked you? I've never actually addressed anyone in my posts, never actually had a conversation outside of the comments. But to those who stumble upon this little spot full of words, it's time for me to welcome you to start to share some of your own. Let's have a conversation, and maybe at some point we won't be strangers anymore.

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