Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You Can Have Your Pie, but You Can't Eat It Too

There's a show that I absolutely love... It's one that had a short life but it was a good life and I loved every second of it. Now as I start to re-watch it from the beginning, I see that the relationship between pie-baker Ned and once-dead-but-alive-again Charlotte (Chuck) is one that I kind of mirror... in an upside, backwards, other-way-around kind of manner....

If I had the time, the patience, and the want to bore any of my readers to death I may recap all the things that make up the show that was (is?) Pushing Daises. I would explain how Ned has this magical ability to bring dead things to life if only for a minute but then they must die again with another touch of the magic finger, for if they don't, after a minute something or someone else would have to die as well. The only other catch to this ability is that once something(one) had been alive, dead, alive (by Ned), and then dead again (by Ned) he cannot bring them back to life. The something(one) is then officially dead.

*skip through plot details and spoilers*

Chuck, as Charlotte prefers to be called, is Ned's childhood best friend and sweetheart. They had lost touch after he had moved away. Reunited by her murder and Ned's magical touch of life, she's alive again and they are trying to manage their relationship the best they can.


Any form of skin to skin contact would result in Chuck becoming permanently dead.

It's quite sad actually.

So I got to thinking (an often dangerous past time actually) what if it was the other way around?

What if (and I'm placing myself in Chuck's shoes), you could never tell your best friend that you loved them, but you could touch them? (All minds out of the gutter, please.) What if you could hold their hand, rub their back when their sad, comfort them when they need an emotional Heimlich? What if you could lean on their shoulder and find yourself safe in their arms when nothing else will do? But what if you could do all that, but never ever tell them what you're really feeling?

It sucks.

Not to be all cryptic or anything, but that's the way I see my current situation without putting in any specifics. It's just that friendship is special, and being able to have and to give that contact comfort is the important part to life. It's not worth messing up, or taking the risk to hope for something better to turn out from the situation. Life is what it is, and pie will always smell better fresh out of the oven then what it'd smell like reheated, and to just have the feeling of a hug is more important than being anything more. So Ned and Chuck, I do feel sorry for you. But part of me is a little jealous too.

(And to those who read a lot of my blog and read my previous post, I did say something but we decided that our friendship was to valuable to risk) 

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