Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ich Liebe Deutsch Classe!

So I'm sitting on the floor of room 304, in Frau Lameraux's German 1 class.

It's crazy in here.

And I miss it.

I've gone through all four/five years of the German program here at Dallas, and I've loved every second of it. Frau is the greatest teacher I've ever had, and she's been the teacher that's seen me grow up since 7th grade. Frau is so real and down to earth and understanding. She's made the language easy to learn and to comprehend.  But now the school board is starting to cut the program, and it breaks my heart. They don't care that Frau is an amazing person, with quite the skill to teach kids a new language. They see it as a way to save money, and I think it's crazy. I had been told that they hired her years ago in order to build the program, and that she did. Her teaching style is amazing... from the ways she lets us learn our stuff to the projects that we do.

To learn a new vocabulary list, she gives us the opportunity to learn it the way we learn best... from just sitting down and studying it, or playing a game with some friends... Fly swatter and guess the picture or even playing with the Caddie Mat. And it works. Yeah, we have to learn from the book and we do translations and exercises as well, but the point of German is to learn a new language. Who cares if we learn it by writing words in shaving cream upon desks, it's easier and better (and not to mention a lot more fun!) than just staring at a lined piece of paper and waiting for the words to sink in. And the projects... they're something that I know I'll look back on and keep forever. Over the years I've created a menu, brochure, a cooking video (watch here if you really want, I don't remember how well it went, but it was fun), a lexicon, and a story of myself, just to name a few. As a class we've written countless stories and made unforgettable memories. And she exposes us to their culture as well.

When Weihnachten (Christmas) comes around, we learn carols auf Deutsch and make Lebkuchen Haus (Gingerbread house) and find the pickle! We also do things for Carnival and Oktoberfest. Of course a party is involved with each, but only if we get our work done. Oktoberfest consists of making masks and hats, and carnival like games. And it's funny, as I sit here I can't think of much more to list here as example... but I know there are lots that are escaping my memory at the moment.

But my point is, as my butt is going numb from the cold tiled floor, this class, or series of classes are the ones I will never forget. Frau as a teacher is someone that I see becoming a great personal friend, someone who I will send Christmas cards to and visit when I'm home on break. She's helped me get into college and has been the catalyst for the love and passion for learning about the Holocaust and Germany. I love this language, and it's all because of her.

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  1. Ich liebe auch Deutsch. Und ich war in Deutschland während Oktoberfest!


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