Monday, April 23, 2012

My Prom Ticket Story

So I haven't been able to type up what happened about prom until tonight, so here's the short story.. Because it is, quite simply, short.

I woke up at 6 and got dressed, put my glasses on and my contacts in my purse, and got picked up at 6:30. Because we woulda been REALLY early, we stopped by Dunkin' to get food. Because I didn't grab Breakfast OR Lunch, I got a coffee and an egg sandwich for Breakfast, and a chocolate chip muffin for Lunch. Hey, whatever works right? (:

We got to the school and thought no one was there yet until we saw someone walk into the school and when we got there there was a line... so thus I quickly counted and with a sigh of relief I was handed a Popsicle stick. Quite content with life, I sat down until the people with the paperwork got there and proceeded to take this picture:

Happiness in an overly large cup, My popsicle stick (I was #14 out of 30!) and my friend Kelsey's feet :P 
So thus is my Prom Ticket Story... Nothing overly interesting, but 'twas a happy ending... so far!

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