Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Spring Break

*sigh* Life is full of surprises... did you know that? Oh, I'm sure you do. But if you're waiting for a surprise to happen, then it's not much of a surprise... is it? I don't know... But anyways, I've been away for awhile so here's some of what I've been up to:

I had been dragging my butt to school last Tuesday and Wednesday despite my 101 fever... I popped 3 ibuprofen and within a half hour the room was no longer spinning so off I went! Wednesday was a half day, and leaving school that afternoon was the start of Easter Break!

I babysat for most of Wednesday afternoon, and then totally disregarding my cough I slept over my best friends house. The next day I got up and we made Mac and Cheese with Bacon, and we topped it off with crackers. (Take 1 package Ritz or other like cracker and crush, mix in half a stick of butter.) It actually turned out really good, which is why I'm keeping the recipe embedded in this post (:

From there I went home and showered and went to church, and then a friend came over and we watched RED. (Not too shabby of a movie, it was actually the second time that I had watched it, and it was funnier this time around.) After my friend left, I literally climbed into bed with my skirt and sweater still on and my contacts in and fell asleep... I kinda regretted it when I woke up the next morning, but eye drops are a wonderful thing!

I then proceeded to go to work and clean screens, and instead of going to church Friday night, I stayed and babysat, playing Uno and Guitar Hero. When I got picked up to go home, I was kind of sad that I missed the service but it was nice to relax and just hang out for awhile.

Thus brings me to Saturday... And I don't really remember what happened Saturday... Oh yeah, I was supposed to go over another friend's house to work on a skit but that didn't happen so instead I stayed home and watched TV and kind of did nothing... until Sunday when I cleaned my room.

And it wasn't a half-assed job of just making my room a more organized mess (clothes in this pile over here, bags in another) I full on cleaned and picked everything up and dusted and vacuumed... It's so weird now because I can walk in a straight line from my doorway to my nightstand, instead of having to walk straight in and dance along my bed over things. Cleaning carried into Monday, where I did laundry and organized the top of my desk and dresser as well.

Not to skip over my Easter, but the mood to clean kind of came out of no where and when that happens I have to keep a hold of it or else it just wouldn't have gotten done. But for Easter I got up at 5:30 to get ready for a sun rise service... Silly silly me, for I wore a skirt when everyone else was in jeans (my thinking: It's Easter!!) but I'm glad I grabbed a blanket cause even then I lost feeling in my toes! (yeah, I counted a few more blonde strands in the mirror when I got home). But it was so much fun, colouring eggs at 7 in the morning with my little brother and sister. Patience was running low, but we got it done in good time. The Easter Bunny stopped by when the three of us were at Sunday School, so when we got home everything was in a good kind of way.

So that was my break.... cleaning and babysitting and getting stuff done! Surprises came when I got to make plans next weekend with another friend of mine, and when my mum came downstairs last night telling me she found a friend from my preschool years, along with a new video by Pentatonix. (Watch it... Be amazed... Have your mind absolutely blown....) So that is all that I have for you now... I'll catch up with you all later!(:

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  1. Sounds as if you had a nice Easter Stephanie. By the way, I totally have to try mac and cheese with bacon sometime. I love mac and cheese, I love bacon, so I can't imagine it being anything other than awesome :)


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