Monday, April 02, 2012

Spending a Night Home

Soo.... Where to begin? My story goes like this:

On April Fool's day, I had the amazing ability to go to Albright College for a Scholarship Awards Dinner and then an Overnight Visit. And here, I'll be completely honest... Before I got there, I had these crazy butterflies and I was wicked nervous. I'm great with people, a totally new start was everything I'd been wishing for for a long while, and college is something I've been ready for. I had been waiting for this day to arrive for weeks but there it was, staring me in the face and I didn't know what to do.

Getting to the college, I switched out of my oh-so-comfy moccasins and into my high strappy heels and I headed inside with my mum, unable to stop smiling and happy to know that there was no turning back. Seeing the lion holding the door for people going in to register, it automatically put me in this... This-IS-where-I-belong kinda mode. So I gave my name to a lady at the table, and in return I got a name tag with my name (of course) and my high school. From there we went up some steps (then learning that I cannot put a name tag on while walking up a staircase... I blame it on the heels). I then registered for the Overnight, and then it was off into the room full of people that were already there.

Not entirely hungry, my mum and I skipped the table of food laid out and took up a spot on the ramp against the back wall, which allowed for some pretty great people watching. These are the people that I'll be spending my next four years with is all I could think, while trying to figure out who my host for the night would be, and where my friend Kerrie was. So after a little while of scoping out the scene (and being very aware of the cute guy that had moved to stand next to me), my mum and I went out to the school store.

It was definitely cooler and quieter there, so we stayed for a little, checking out the merchandise and other nick-nacks that they had. Deciding upon a red lanyard and a magnet for me, and a car sticker and a magnet for my mum, we headed back into the masses.

It had gotten quite quiet during our absence, and so we quietly snuck through part of the crowd while we tried to figure what everyone was standing around. Then it hit me. From the first break of silence, the school's male accapella group had joined the evening to share with us their beautiful voices. "Sing-Off material," I whispered to my mum. She laughed in agreement. After they were done singing (and my fruitless attempts to go even father on my tippy toes to see more of only the back of their heads) Kerri found us. Not long after that, the parents left to sit down in the cafeteria, while us students stayed behind and waited to get a picture. (And that was when by total chance I found my host, Sara).

Slowly shuffling in, we entered into the lobby of what I think is the Student Center to get the picture. Lining up on the steps, we all heard "Come on, squish in closer..." and "These are your future classmates, roommates, and who knows what else... " and of course "Just one more step closer.... Now another half-step.... one more...." to get this wonderful picture:

What a happy bunch we are, huh? (:

From there, we entered into the cafeteria ever so eloquently decorated the best they could, for it's undergoing a makeover. When I found my table, I got to sit down with two other future Abrightians and their parents, along with one of the English teachers from the school.

Table talk was a bit slow, and with so many more tables, it was hard to hear but over all it was a fun time, with lots to learn from everyone. The food was pretty good, everyone was great company. After we were done eating, there was a presentation on some of the programs Albright offers and a speech from an Alumni who had gone from thinking she was going to be a big-school girl to changing her mind and finding that Albright had been the place for her. Then we got to sit... and sit... and hear a brief bio on all of our classmates. When each person was called, he or she got to go up and get a certificate and a tee-shirt (Something I was very excited to get) as the woman at the podium spoke great words about each of the students.

God bless her soul... the woman that read all EIGHTY-NINE of our introductions. I thought it was a bit hard to stay awake (from the long weekend and little sleep and everything) and the fans were making me cold (yay for keeping my jacket with me!) but to stand up there for at least an hour and read it all out... she's a trooper I'll tell you that! From names to roman numerals, she got through all 89. Needless to say I commended her as we were leaving to get ready for the overnight.

Meeting up with my host, Sara, we walked out to the car, and I didn't hesitate to put my mocs back on. After she insisted on carrying my bag ("part of her job" she said) we started to head to her dorm. Along the way, some of her friends from Rugby called out from a car and thus was my first introduction to other current Albright students.

I wish I could write it all down, but to sum up a really long but TOTALLY WICKED night, when we got to the dorm I got to meet Sara's roommate and her overnightee. We then got comfy in our pajamas, and then headed out to get pizza. walking past the lounge where I saw the guy that had stood next to me earlier (remember, the one on the ramp? I smile as I write, what are the odds?). Anyways, I met more people and said guy joined us on our adventure while his host sadly worked on a paper.

Our adventure took us to Mamma's Pizza and then Sara and I headed down the shops to get apple juice. From there we went back to the lounge, ate pizza, and well... had fun! The "party" then moved from the lounge into Sara and Nickki's room where we talked about everything.

From teachers, repetitive reproductive questions from the nurse, keeping rooms clean, dorm life, RUGBY, prom, Hershy Park, and anything in between, we stayed up until midnight just chillin' and meeting more people as they joined the room's pow-wow. Despite getting a wee bit loud, we had a grand ole time, and I loved discovering the life I would soon get to lead. When it was time for the guys to leave, we said our good-nights, unsure if we'd see them the next day. After they left, I got ready and into my sleeping bag, and I couldn't help but think how sad it was that I wasn't going to get to see them again. But then the smarter voice in my head was like Bitch, please!! You're gonna live here! You'll see them again soon. (It can be a very sassy side of my brain as well). The night ended as I fell asleep on the hard floor next to my future roomie. Falling asleep on the hard floor was well... hard, but it wasn't anything I hadn't done before. And it didn't take long for the sun to start coming up.

Upon hearing the alarm get snoozed a couple-two-tree times Sarah and I got ready and went to classes. Eating the breakfast of the champion students along the way, we went to German, then English, then Math. Each professor was welcoming, and in each class I though, Yes, I can see me sitting here... Being a part of all this. (I'd go into what the classes were like, but it wouldn't be as interesting to read about as compared to my living through it.) But from us talking with the math professor (I apologize for not remembering names) and another student that had stopped in before class started, I learned that there is a difference between 'Jimmies' and 'Sprinkles' in context. 'Jimmies' are on Ice Cream, and 'Sprinkles' go on Doughnuts. Who whoulda thought I'd get a mini English lesson from a math teacher? (:

When all was said and done class wise, we headed to lunch (after a short meet up with the German teacher, who is absolutely precious!) The lunchroom was in full college swing, and all the ornate details that were there from the night before had been taken away. (Honestly, I kinda felt special...) After getting a lovely lunch of warm breakfast, I sat down with some of Sara's friends.



I'm not sure how to describe them. I got to meet a couple of the guys while at class and from the night before, but... haha..... yeah... (: To sum it up, they're pretty awesome. When I think of the fun and the kind of conversations I should be having with my friends, the experience at lunch fits just that. They readily accepted me into the "group" and everyone was happy to see me and it was just something that doesn't happen in high school. It was truly a wonderful time, even though I was fighting the fatigue that was trying to take my eyes captive. After about an hour, we headed back to the dorm to get my stuff together and meet my mum.
     *          *          *          *          *          *         *          *          *
I've been excited to go to the Spring Preview day on April 15th, but now knowing the kind of people that I can talk to and catch up with... It's just added to the excitement! I didn't want to leave campus, but knowing that I'll be back soon is comforting. And when August comes around... You know I'll be one of the first ones there ready settle in to a place I can call HOME.


  1. This post made me harken back to my undergraduate years...very fond memories indeed. You're about to embark on a wonderful and amazing adventure. It will be the best years of your life so make sure to live in the moment...each and every day! Sounds as if you've already made some friends so you have so many awesome things ahead! I look forward to reading about your journey :)

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy I'll have people that will get to see me grow and to always tell stories to... I feel that a lot of my friends from high school will fade away, but I feel that here on Blogger things are different(:

  2. man you guys all look so young in that picture. can't believe i'm going to be a senior in college next year...

    also, "bitch please" is one of my favorite phrases... in a joking kind of way, not a rude way... cheeky, if you will. love it!

    1. haha I hope your thought wasn't going to be followed with "it makes me feel old" :P

      But I'm constantly signing that pharase, it makes me feel better because a lot of people don't know it(: Thank you!


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