Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dirty Feet

I like to have dirty feet... it makes me happy.


Weird first line, huh? But hear me out... here's why I love dirty feet.

1) Dirty feet means that I had my shoes off.

2) If I had my shoes off, it must have been nice weather.

3) If it was nice weather, then the temperatures must be over 65 degrees. (That's plenty warm enough to either wear sandals or my flippy floppies)

And what's better than warm weather?

How about being able to feel the grass between my toes, the squish of mud from the mid-morning rain, and yes, the pain of walking across tiny rocks? It's all the feelings of spring, that lead up the the oh-so-indescribable feelings of summer. The sand, the water, the warm warm air. I'm getting antsy, wanting to wear my shorts all the time... But if I must wait till summer to wear my shorts 24/7 (stupid school dress code!), I suppose I'll settle for a little extra time in the shower to clean my dirty feet. (And a better excuse to paint my toe nails!)

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  1. I think one of the most amazing feelings on earth is sand on one's toes...49 days til the Beach!


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