Friday, May 11, 2012

To Get A Phone, Or Not to Go Out On My Own... That Is the Question

Alrighty all... So here's the deal. I've gotten myself into a little bit of trouble (The basic story: after being told I couldn't wash my clothes at 9:00pm the night before, I threw them in at 3:00 when I couldn't sleep) in which has ended me up without a phone for a mighty long time. But instead of making issues worse and trying to get it back before July 7th, I am looking for a job to pay for my own phone plan. With being a new college student soon, I realize it may not be worth it but I would rather be able to pay for it myself than be at the mercy of my mother and step-father. Upon looking, I think I would go with the HTC Rhyme. The phone would be free with a 2-yr contract, and I think the breakdown of prices would be $39.99 for 450 minutes, $20.00 for messaging, and $30.00 for 2 GB of data... That's a whopping $89.99 a month! Is it really worth me going out on my own and getting myself to a point where I can start to stand on my own two feet? Would the HTC Rhyme even be a good choice for a new phone? The sentimental side of me hates to get rid of my LG Cosmos, because I only got it back in December (it was the free upgrade). *sigh* Words of wisdom and recommendations would greatly be appreciated!

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