Tuesday, July 24, 2012


On February 13th, 2012, the world lost Tom Lynch to a car accident.

On July 22nd, 2012, the world lost Corey Ehret to cancer.

Both boys were will always be part of the Dallas High School Class of 2012.

Angel: Green "Corey" (Glows in the Dark)
White "Pray for  Corey 11.11.11"
Stacked: Red "Tom 3-13-12 / Forever Hiking in Heaven"
Yellow "Corey's Crew" (Exclusive to the Class of 2012)

No matter where we are in this journey called life, we will always have our own special Angels watching over us♥


  1. So true. I remember when my granny passed away. Sometimes I had the feeling that she was standing right next to me, in some way I could still feel her. Since then I think that the people only left their body but their soul will come home to the people they loved and who loved them.

    Were the two boys in your class? It's always sad when someone we know and love have to leave this world... But it's good to know that they are watching over us, still being close and we only can't see them with our eyes anymore but still with our heart.

    1. Sanny,

      I completely agree with the thinking of that when the body grows too tired to support the lively soul within it, it finds peace within the hearts of others. And yes, Corey got to walk the stage at graduation with the help of his twin while Tom sadly did not get to physically walk but he was definitely with us in spirit.


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