Sunday, July 08, 2012

Faith and the Need for Prayer


We all have it, in something. Faith in a person, faith in work, faith in feeling... but then there's faith in God.

For me, that's where things get a little tricky. I'm not one to say grace before every single meal, I don't go to church every Sunday, and I definitely don't thank Him enough for all that I have. But I'd be dammed if I didn't at least believe a little in prayer. (Wait... maybe that expression doesn't quite fit in... oh well it might have a double meaning more so than just needing to fit a curse in. Regardless....) When something isn't going right for me, I know I shouldn't ask for Him to fix everything, for Him to make things better. Especially when I haven't been thanking Him for all that I have. It seems almost selfish of me. But what I don't have a problem with is asking Him to take care of others... To ask for Him to watch over my friends and family who are in desperate need of guidance and love. Now, you might ask if you noticed the time, what would bring this kind of post on during the 3 o'clock hour in the morning? Well...

Facebook is an amazing thing sometimes. And I had seen a future college classmate's post to the wall of a girl I was best friends with during middle school and freshman year of high school, before she switched schools. (How the two know each other is that they finished high school together.) To sum it up, the post was very heartfelt to those who had lost people too soon, and how those lost should rest in peace. When I see something like that, I always check the newspaper sites to see what might have happened, and because my best friend had been tagged in the post, it was a HAVE to know not just WANT to know. So after finding nothing that really made sense, I asked my future classmate what had happened.

Her answer was mortifying.

I went back to the newspaper site and it was the breaking news front page story. Because the paper didn't release any details on the victims, I won't either, but to give you pretty much all the public knows on what happened, and to bring this post to a close, I'm going to repost here what I wrote on my churches Facebook group page:

"I just found out about a shooting in Plymouth... Although the Times Leader did not release any details about the victims, I found that a very good friend of mine is close to those who were killed [3], and she was even more so to the one that's in critical condition. Please pray that he makes it through this nightmare, and that she and all those who knew the victims can work through these tough times and be comforted from those who love them..."

Thank you
and may
God bless

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