Monday, July 09, 2012

Mad Cow + Lime = ?

I'm going to start this post off with a joke... What do you get when you mix a Mad Cow and a Lime?
I drew this on paint ^.^

Don't know the answer? Well... the answer is ME! Now I suppose I need to do a bit of explaining... Mad Cow first, then the Lime.

I tried to donate blood a couple years back, at a blood drive that was held at the school. I had even talked my soon to be boy friend at the time into going down the same time I was. Needles and shots never really bothered me, but whatever fear I had I swallowed knowing I was going to help someone in need. When the time came, I went down to the gym, signed in, and started to read the packet of eligibility requirements... and something caught my eye but I didn't think it'd apply to me. Well... I was wrong. Taken from the Red Cross website, the part boxed in black is what keeps me from donating blood....

Now, the truth to this story is I lived in England for three years, because my parents were stationed there with the Air Force. So yes, I agree that three years is a "long period of time." But the part that's mind boggling? I was born there. I ate mushy baby food and cheerios, like any other baby. I wouldn't have eaten anything that would have possibly contained beef until I was maybe 2, and even then it's not like I would have eaten it every day.

The bottom line is this: Any of you could have gone over to England, stayed there for a week, ate beef for 1st Breakfast, 2nd Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Tea, Dinner, AND Supper. You could do that for a whole week, which would be gross, but then could come back across the pond and donate blood. Does it make sense? Nope but oh well. It makes for a good laugh.

Now on to the Lime...

In short, yesterday I found out I have Lyme's. (Get it? Lyme = Lime? yeah, I know... I should stick to my day job...) The following extraneous paragraph sums up how I realized I had it, so feel free to skip over it.

I had been feeling terrible for the past week, and since I'm up visiting my father and grandparents in NH, I just put the blame on too much activity and too little sleep. But I had had a high fever, horrible aches and pains, and no stamina at all. It was on Saturday that I had remembered that I had received a bite from a tick and that I still had a mark, two weeks later. I brought it up to my grandmother and her sister and that's when they said "that's what it probably is!" So I called my mum knowing that I'd need a copy of my medical card, and that's when she said to go right away and get tested for Lyme's. We had extended family over for the day, so I wasn't able to go to any walk-in clinic and we didn't think the ER was needed. Not having any other plan, I looked up Lyme's and I didn't think I had the bulls-eye mark. But when I woke up on Sunday... there it was, clear as day. After becoming extremely frustrated for various reasons, I finally got my father to take me to the ER. During the ride there and the wait, I updated a couple friends and family members about what was going on, and that they shouldn't worry about me. When my name was called, I said my goodbyes and followed the nurse to a room. After getting all the details she needed, the doctor appeared and upon seeing it, told me that the around the bite was a "textbook bulls-eye." All the rest of the tedious details aside, I had blood taken and realized that I probably wouldn't have been able to handle giving blood anyways.

In the end, when life gives you Lymes, make Lime-ade ^.^

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