Friday, August 17, 2012


This is something that had popped into my Facebook Newsfeed earlier in the week, and I saw it again today, so I've decided to share it with you all because it just kinda makes my day. (In more ways than you can imagine).

From a woman named Gail Cook to Panera Bread:
"My grandmother is passing soon with cancer. I visited her the other day and she was telling me about how she really wanted soup, but not hospital soup because she said it tasted "awful" she went on about how she really would like some clam chowder from Panera. Unfortunately Panera only sells clam chowder on Friday. I called the manager Sue and told them the situation. I wasn't looking for anything special just a bowl of clam chowder. Without hesitation she said absolutely she would make her some clam chowder. When i went to pick it up they wound up giving me a box of cookies as well. Its not that big of a deal to most, but to my grandma it meant a lot. I really want to thank Sue and the rest of the staff from Panera in Nashua NH just for making my grandmother happy. Thank you so much!"
I think this is one of the sweetest things I've ever read... Panera is a wonderful location to go for food and the service I've had is always impeccable. But the location in this story touches me on a person level.

I used to live in Nashua.

I moved to PA back in 2005 after living there for 7 years, and I've always considered Nashua to be the place where I'd always call home. It's such a beautiful town, with the center being a main street with shops to look in and friendly people to talk with. Part of me thinks that if I don't make it across the pond to live out the rest of my days, I'll move back to NH. I truly love the weather and the people, the location and the state of mind. I feel as if the way of life is simpler, but I know that's only based on past experience. (And let's not forget, 0% sales tax!)

So from one day just going through the motions of checking my Facebook I see that Nashua has once again touched the world in a way that it's done so to me.

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