Monday, September 03, 2012

College Re-Cap

It's week two of college.

I will forever wish for a nap.

There will never be a perfect time to do home work.

There will always be something I leave for last minute.

This is week two of college.

Here is what it's like:

My schedule is pretty well balanced. I have a history class on the Renaissance, a First Year Seminar on Hamlet and the Liberal Arts, and one about Play Writing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then I have Sociology 101 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As it stands right now, the course work is easy to stay on top as long as I don't let myself get too preoccupied with becoming a Class-A procrastinator.

When it comes to fitness, well, I shared with you all the philosophy of no work-out classes = becoming fat and dying. If not, read that here. But even if I didn't go every week, just walking to classes is one hell of a work out! Rather, I should say going home every time I forget something or feel the need to is where the exercise comes in. A few friends and I have concluded that to walk from my dorm to Masters Hall is about a quarter of a mile. So mix that in with the 4 flights of steps, up and down of course.... All I have left to say on this is that by the end of this, my butt's gonna look good. (:

So let move on to all the other things I shall be involving myself with. Out of all of the things I signed up for, being part of the Improv group that Albright has: Less Than or Equal To Improv and Comedy Troupe. I have found myself in an interesting mix of people that make me laugh and make me feel welcome, and as the new kid here, it's kinda really really nice. It gives me the ability to play all the crazy theatre games I love to play and without any kind of pressure.

Besides Improv, I'm going to be working with a group that is writing and literary focused. I'm not sure if I'll be heading to the Literary Magazine (though I will definitely be submitting my work there!) or the Newspaper, or maybe the Artistic magazine that covers music, theatre, and well... art. On top of that, I'm definitely going to be part of the yearbook. My camera and I... we're good buddies. And after I find my battery charger, I'll have more pictures to put up, but for now, here are some from my first Sunday here.

At Albright, we see the light of learning.

The Theatre

Pstttt! I have a something to tell you!



Jacob Albright, founder of Albright
Well.... Now I'm sitting in class for Play Writing that starts in 4 minutes, so my killing of the past hour has resulted in this. I'll have to share more later but for now, this is all you've got(:

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