Saturday, September 08, 2012

Hair Cut!!

Remember what my hair looked like a few weeks ago? I had coloured it to be blue and purple. (You should click there to see!)

But I just got my hair cut.....

And uh.....

It's different.

Naturally I have pictures to narrate this tale with!

Look at how long!

Say bub-bye bleach!

Goodbyeee! Now time to wash and style.


Note the length again.....
and the difference!

To be honest... I think it's short. I think it's really really short. But it's nice. With all the changes I'm going through, it was something that needed to happen. And it'll grow back, so even if I didn't like it, why fret about it?

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  1. I like your new haircut. Some years ago I had such long hair as you, but as I started a new chapter of my life - and I guess a complete new haircut is mostly done because of such a new part or fresh start - I let it cut to shoulder lenght. My hair dresser was really shocked after I told her how short I wanted to have my hair, and afterwards when I saw all my hair, that needed so much time to grow, lying on the floor, I felt like: was it really the right thing to do? But then I looked into the mirror and was sure about that. It felt to be the right thing. And as you wrote, the hair will grow again, if you one day will think it's too short. But I like your new haircut and I guess you too ;)


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