Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Peace, Love, and Coffee

Life gets so complicated sometimes.
Everything builds up,
like dominoes waiting to be knocked over.
Once one wobbles,
they all fall.
Soon you're sitting alone in the dark,
looking down at a cup of coffee,
wishing it had all the answers.
You feel the warmth between your hands,
take the holder off,
and feel the smoothness of the cup.
Taking in the spicy aroma,
you take a sip.
Go beyond that which is in your hands...
hear the crickets chirping,
the pond's fountain slurping.
Notice those who walk past under the lights,
but do not notice you in return.
Feel the cool breeze on your bare arms
and know that sweatpants was a smart choice.
Close your eyes.
See with your body.
Feel the way your feet
press into the rock wall.
Feel the presence of peace
coming from the world around you.
Take a moment to pause
and breathe.
You take another sip,
and feel the coffee go down.
Do you see the way it embodies nature?
The way it embodies peace?
The way it puts you back together again?
It may not be much...
But it will be enough to keep you going.
Just sit awhile in this peace.
When you feel right,
once you sit a little taller,
hear life a little clearer,
see things a little easier,
ease yourself off the wall...
and walk.
With each step,
feel the weight lift off your shoulders.
The breeze once again will surround you
in such a way that should prove as a reminder:
You have friends who love you.
You have friends who will be there for you.
You have friends who want you to count on them.
Let your mind rest tonight in peace.
Tomorrow's a brand new day.
You'll be okay.

Dedicate to T.R, the one who kept me company while letting me still be alone... Thank you.


  1. I do the same thing with bacon.

    Cool little poem, Steph.

    Found out about this on third sunday blog carnival.

    1. Bacon. I have all the world's respect for you. Thanks for visiting!


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