Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Process of a Wish Collage

Inspired off of my Wish ramblings from a few nights ago.... this is a collage I did for my play writing class. Scroll down after you've thought all your thoughts on what you think it means, with the title for a hint.

My reasoning is as so:

There are so many faces in the world. So many people. We all want things we can’t have. So we wish. We wish on everything. We wish for everything. The moment we see a shooting star, it is our instinct to make a wish. So we do. But then we forget. We forget what we wished on. We all have so many thoughts running through our heads that for awhile we keep it all straight, but time gets to us and it all starts to run together, until we can’t remember it any more. So we forget. Then more time passes. We live our lives and move on. Then we remember. There comes a day when we find something we lost, when we have an idea that lights up the world’s biggest light bulb, when déjà vu catches up to us. We remember what we might have wished for. Time takes its toll on all of us. When we wish, it doesn’t happen as soon as you might have liked, but the wishes do come true. It just takes time. And time goes on and on and....

So the pictures work like this:

The underlying meaning is Time... thus the big clock. Then the "story" goes from the bottom left, up and around. The first one is faces... lots and lots of faces. The second, shooting stars. The third is for thoughts. The top of the the picture you see distinct patches of colour. These are for all the individual thoughts. As the the colours run together, it shows how thoughts run together until you can't remember the distinction between them all. And the fourth is for remembrance.

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  1. I love this collage, really great!!!

    What would we do without being able to wish? By having a wish we think about ourselves, what we feel, what we miss. It encourages us to fight and reach our goals and dreams in life. And is one wish fulfilled, the next will come very soon, and this thinking and wishing keep us alive.

    I really love to think about wishes, like I already wrote under your last blog post. So I wish, that your wishes will all come true and you'll never stop to wish!!


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