Friday, April 12, 2013


I slowly retreat
back into my own being.
I'm making that choice.


  1. It's never a bad choice,
    to get back to yourself.


  2. It's interesting that you chose to use retreating back into your own being. Most would say find themselves or something those lines. Although, why would you purposely choose to retreat? Have you given up? Is there no hope? T_T

    1. I think what was running through my head at the time was realizing how much I had spread myself thin for friends, class, work, and extra-curriculars. Essentially, I saw it as little pieces of me scattered throughout campus. My thought process is that like a turtle, I needed to bring all of me back into my shell and rewind. It's not that I'm giving up hope, just getting back to a point where I can redistribute myself again.

      And that's one thing about me, no matter where I am in life, I firmly believe that there is always hope! That's why I have it tattooed on my wrist(:


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