Saturday, May 11, 2013

Goodbye is the First Step to Hello

I said goodbye to my baby yesterday. It wasn't our last goodbye, but soon she'll belong to someone else. It's terrifying really. She was, er, is my second and I can't believe how it happened. I figured the first would get into the program so that's why I decided to attempt at making a duplicate. Nothing will ever replace the my first creation, but even artists have to pick favourites. This one has a more parallel border, more contrast, it's less murky. But I can't be selfish and keep it. I have to let my picture go, it's the juror that wants it for her own collection! I never would have imagined having to put a price on my work let alone actually selling it. But my creativity, my name will have been let out into the world. It's more than any 19 year old photography student can ask for.

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