Monday, June 24, 2013

Dancing with the Stars

Catch a firefly.
Put it in a jar.
Catch another.
And another.
Catch a few more if you want.
Don't shake the jar.
You don't want to kill them...
Do you?
If you answered yes,
open up the jar.
Let them back out into the world.
Who are you to say that it's their time to die?
If you answered no,
carry them carefully inside.
Make sure to count how many you have,
then turn out the lights.
Open up the jar,
and let them go.
Watch them light up greater than any computer cord
or DVD power button.
Watch the way they dance,
watch the way they blink.
Watch as they find a spot to rest
and one by one pick them up.
Caress their sweet gentle body,
and carry them back outside.
They're not meant to be kept from their kind.
Let them go,
and watch as they fly high.
Lose them among sweet Evangeline.

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