Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Andddddddddd GO!

Two days ago I signed up to be part of a 31 Day Blogging Challenge and it was by fluke that I came upon it. I had been trying to go through a Twitter detox by not posting anything but then I was compelled to write a little diddy about how I was feeling in regards to packing for my travels to visit family in New Hampshire. ("Trying to be practical is becoming impractical." is how that went.) In doing so, I saw a tweet promoting the challenge. Curiosity got the best of me and since I have been trying to write more and post more I followed the breadcrumbs of links and retweets. What I found seemed completely legitimate so I decided to sign up for it. All I have to do is post everyday for 31 days.

I got off to a wonderful start, eh?

Traveling up here to NH was a heck of a time... the ride was enjoyable but it was long and slow due to the rain and traffic. I managed to write a lot of poems though, so in a way that's a benefit. When I think about just posting a couple haiku a day, part of me feels as if that would be cheating because 3 lines doesn't exactly compare against several paragraphs. But hey, that's what the majority of this blog is made out of these days and by definition each haiku that I write goes up in a post so I guess that part of me should take it's opinions and take a hike...

Then I look at what I have here and it's a good 'ole paragraph by paragraph post, so maybe I can fit a few of those in here and there. It really couldn't hurt, right?

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