Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's A Good Day for Reality Check

Last night, I decided to go away for awhile. To focus on the life I have in front of me, not the one I lived so frequently through Social Media. I could have just disappeared, but instead I decided to write a little simething as a precursor to all the writing that's bound to come this summer. I concluded with a song by Ron Pope, one I had discovered a few hours after making my decision. 

The final goodbye was as such:

Before I go, I just discovered this song and the lyrics are so perfect for right now. 

There's so much to the world, the REAL WORLD that I feel I've been missing. I already try to catch the little details of life – to look in reflections as I pass windows and puddles, to see the little bugs on plants living out their lives, to take in the way that other people interact, etcetera – but trying isn't enough. How could I commit to something when I have each foot in two different canoes? One of these days, as the klutz we all know I can be, I'm bound to end up in the water. Beyond this metaphor, I don't know where that'd be. Ending up under a bus perhaps? How morbid. Moving on, (to the next stop perhaps? Heh heh, sorry)  Oh, where was I? I've gotten off track. Real life, canoe, bus accident, train derailing, OH LIFE THAT'S RIGHT! 

What's the point of having a life if you don't use it for anything? What happened to free time when one would hold a real book to read, when one would listen to a real CD he/she paid for and really pay attention to its sound and lyrics, when one would go outdoors because why not, when one would use the time to pursue PASSIONS AND HOBBIES? I don't apologize, bring a socialmediaholic and a "professional-unprofessional-private-investigator" isn't a hobby. 

And on top of that, I find it so impossible to appreciate anything I have without having something to compare to. I'm talking about the people – friends, family, acquaintances – and opportunities and adventures... The things that mean way more than the material items we all yearn for. I know that I'm extremely lucky to be in the position I'm in. I know I've worked hard, I've worked smart, I've been blessed with the chances and options to grow and become the person I am, and whatever-being-above-or-below knows I'd be completely different if not for the people I have in my life. Never for a second do I take for granted what I've learned from a lot of you, what some of you have done for me. Some days it may not show, but that's what this is all about. Getting back to the most important aspects of life, the ones that happen once in a lifetime and the ones that won't last forever. The people. The opportunities. The adventures. I'm sure as hell not finding any of that staring at this tiny screen. 

DISCLAIMER: if used for pursing adventure, say, making plans and discovering concerts and that kind of fantastical nonsense, that's justified. Technology should be working for us, helping us live more efficiently so we can spend more time with what matters, not us working for technology and spending all our time with glowing boxes. 

Above anything, I'm not trying to start a revolution (ahem, Oreos and Coffee) but merely looking to just share the thoughts I've had in order to spark a thought or perhaps create a diversion to keep you, the generalized reader that should be commended for reading this far, from taking another silly quiz to relate yourself to the inanimate object you may best resemble. So dear friends, family, people I barely know if at all, I leave you with the wise words of Ron Pope:

"When you're out on you're own
And you need some time to decide
Whether you're strong enough 
Whether you should give up or try
When you stand on you're own
Here's hoping you'll find, 
It's a good day, it's a good day to be alive"

Every day is a good day, because it was a day that you was yours to have. Don't take it for granted, live in it and if not in some small way make it count. 

The video to Ron Pope's song, "Good Day".

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