Sunday, September 25, 2011

Try Again?

If i said lets try again would you look at me and wonder what the hell i was talking about or would you welcome the chance at a new relationship?

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Me thinks that fall is on its way, with this crisp cool air and leaves changing to warm dying colours.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

You're One Hell of a....

"you're one hell of a..."
what does that even mean? What is one hell of something? they say that "you're one hell of a popular guy" or "he's one hell of baseball player". Is that even a phrase that people use or is it just me?

I Am a Yo-Yo...

One moment i'm being pulled up and down and all around, then for the next few months i'm just sitting on a shelf collecting dust until you feel like playing again.



I Thinks

"I thinks"
yes indeed... I do think (;
anywhooooo...... I thinks are little things i think, and are what make me special. They're words or phrases or likes, but basically after awhile i'll have written (in individual blog form) a Me Poem. Hopefully this'll work cause i can't comitt to sitting down, thinking about my self, and writing poetic lines that describe me. Enjoysies!

Your Punching Bag

It's fine really... I know when i'm not wanted around. You don't need to keep pretending. Shouting matches with yourself are a good enough hint. Huffing and puffing while getting me a pen, or doing my laundry... When all i needed was a bit of direction and i'd do it myself. I can be self-sufficient i don't need other people to do it for me. But if you insist, then don't complain, please. Anyways... I know i'm not wanted. You want nothing to do with me, kicking and screaming and biting and hitting and pinching... Whatever. Sure after awhile you may make me cry, but its only because i have the strength to put up with all your crap. I won't dish it back to you physically. I'll suffer everything you all put me through. If it makes you happy, well, who am i to take away your happiness? Seriously, i'm fine putting my headphones on and just letting the tears roll down me cheeks by myself. I
don't need a pity party and i sure as hell don't need fake sympathy. So introducing, your punching bag.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sleep... Oh precious sleep... Why do you deprive me? I have been lying here for hours with my eyes closed but still you do not come to me. Is it my mind? The way its running here and there with thoughts of this, that, and who knows how many other things? Or are you making fun of me? Making me suffer for all the late nights, so when i finally want to sleep at an earlier time i am no longer able? Please sleep... I'm begging you. Come and take me into your numbing embrace. I can't face tomorrow all on my own. I need sleep to help me get through the long day that i have ahead of me so please, come to me soon. Dreamland or not, i just need to sleep before 6 A.M. rolls around.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A 9/11 Thank You 10 Years Later

"Where were you, when the world stopped turning?" - Alan Jackson. I know where i was, in my second grade classroom doing bookwork; math-boxes i believe. I think i remember the teachers talking to eachother in hushed voices... I can't remember if the radio or tv was turned on or not. And that night, my mum walked my little sister and i down the street to our church, where we held hands with people we had never met before. And i'm pretty sure that i wasn't aware of what was going on, but something major, something terrible, something very very sad had occured that day, 10 years ago. Remembering it now, knowing what really happend and how oblivious i was as a child.... my heart breaks. It breaks for those who gave their all, for all of us. It breaks for what and who they left behind, and for those that had no choice. It breaks for those who stood witness and for those that have been denied entry at the memorial dedication. I know it's not much.. but from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Mud, Oh, Mud

Mud... Is very muddy. I'm not talking about anything cryptically here... I'm talking about good ole dirt mixed, or rather soaked with lovely Dioxygen Monoxide. (Thats water, folks... Not something deadly or poisionus. If it was we'd all be d.e.d.. dead) Mud can be very very squishy, but don't be fooled, people. If you squish too much, the squish turns into suck and it grabs ahold of your footwear and won't let go! Its like a suction cup, or more a vaccum, pulling so hard on your shoe -or boot, or flippiefloppies or what-have-you- that if you try to just pull it out you'll land on your butt, and then the shoe'd be the least of your worries. Cause if the mud decided to suction cup your butt... Well just use your imagination to tell how well that would end. The moral(s) of this story: don't walk in mud, cause its muddy and will act like a suction cup and eat your shoe or make you fall on
your butt. Water a.k.a. H2O a.k.a. Dioxygen Monoxide is perfectly safe and is what makes mud so muddy.

Who is "Who"?

............. I'm sorry. I've been stupid. How many times have i been wishing for a nice boy, one who would come and sweep me off my feet? How many nights have i stayed awake, hoping that there would be a guy who would like me for who i am? How many months have i been crying over the same guy, who very obviously doesn't care about me? The number to both those questions..... Well, it's undefinable. My heart knows who it's looking for, it just doesn't know who "who" is. It knows that the guys in the past that have liked me don't fit the "who". So instead of trying to give them a shot, my silly heart just looks past them. And now here i am wondering what could have been, even tho my heart wants nothing to do with it. Isn't it ironic? My head and my heart just won't agree. No matter who "who" is, i'll probably miss out once again cause my head or my heart will find some reason not to give it a try. It's easy enough to shut my head up, but unless my heart is in it, there's just no point. /:

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Friendship so Strong...

We once had friendship that stood so strong... we both thought it was unbreakable. But then love got in the way, and we realized that not even our friendship would work out. Years passed, and here we are again, at the beginning. I'm choosing my words carefully, as not to mess it up. I miss what we had, more than summer vaycation. I wish we can get back to where we were... maybe this time we really can be unbreakable, even if we do stay just friends. Because as in the past, all those other girls have come and gone. But i'll always be here for you. No matter what happens. <3

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

At a Loss for Words

I have decided that when you're at the loss for words, you must stop searching for the right ones, and let the words find you. If you allow them to find you, it not only is easier on you, but the sentences they make are often better than forcing words together that don't belong. In other words, don't consiously try to piece the perfect sentence together. Let your thoughts run wild, jumping from one subject to the next untill you get a brilliant revelation. And that thought will be great enough to share with the world.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Rain Drops of Hope

I count the seconds that pass
with every rain drop outside my window.
*plop* one
*plop* two
*plop plop* three... and a half
*plop* four
Thats four seconds of my life,
not wasted on thoughts of us.
The us that could have been,
but never was.
The us that never will be.
*plop* five
*plop* six
*plop* seven
Another breif moment,
gone by without spending three wishes
to try to bring us back together.
*plop* eight
*plop plop* nine... and a half
*plop plop plop* ten, eleven
Or is it twelve now?
The rain just falls down harder,
as if its trying to make it harder to count.
Trying to get me to focus more on the numbers.
Because in all reality the past minute spent wasn't counting the rain drops,
but forming the words i'd write in hopes of becoming us again.

The Last Week of Summer

The last week of summer... In theory, it should be filled with nonstop fun: hanging with friends, swimming at the pool or the beach, smores and campfires as the sun goes down. The last week of summer is the time to do everything you couldn't or weren't able to do before. Its the time to get one last amazing story written. Its the perfect time to have a summer crush. The last week of summer should be care free, before all the stress of school life returns. So get out there, have some fun, go a little crazy. Enjoy your last high school summer as it is this year, cause next year its all gonna change.