Monday, November 07, 2011

Cocopuffs and Endless Hugs

Because noone else will ever see this, i'll committ all my thoughts to prove to myself that i did believe what i was trying to feel. Your arms around me, holding me tight... trying to escape the tickles, it could turn any frown i had upside down. I couldn't be unhappy even if i tried while i was next to you. What we almost had years ago, it didn't work because a real relationship is based off of friendship, off of trial and error, broken hearts and endless hugs. I never thought jealousy was my thing, till i saw you with her and i wished it was me you were with. And when i saw you with some of my best friends, i realized that i needed to stop running from the fear of being hurt again. And it was with that moment, that i decided that i want to try to make this work. But now you're gone, never to return, and i'm left with nothing but the tears. (and a full pack of gum) Its all because i didn't say anything sooner. And i'm sorry. So, so, very sorry...Cocopuffs & endless hugs...if only...

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