Thursday, November 24, 2011


When it comes to being thankful... I'm slowly understanding what its all about, and i think i've got a better idea now. I'm thankful for all the good, and the bad. If it wasn't for everything in my past, i wouldn't be here now. So here are some of the things i'm just beginning to be thankful for and have been thankful for:

*A Home. Its a place to call home, with a space just for me. There's not many places in the world like that.

*My Little Brother and Sister. They're mine. All mine. And i don't have to share their sibilinghood with anyone else. And although i'd love to ship em off to Timbucktu, they keep life interesting and i love them no matter what they think or say.

*All the Boys. The ones that have stood by my side and those that have broken my heart. They've all given me the oppurtunity to feel loved, and some the best memories i could ever have. And i'm the only girl that has those memories. I think that makes me pretty special.

*Hope. Without it, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be here right now. When the darkest hour comes, hope is the star that twinkles above reminding me to never give up. There's so much more to life than the here and now, and so much more to be thankful for.

*Friends. My true best friends. Mary. Alyx. Casey. Laura. Santo. Heather. Zoe. Those who were once upon a time. Tyler. Juliette. Matt. Katie. Jacob. Those who never were. You know who you are and where you belong within these 3 groups. With your friendship, i have become a better person. As some leave my life to continue their own, it's effected me. But i'm greatful for it because it's helped to make me who i am. Without the love, the hurt, the ignorance and the bliss... i'm not sure what i would be like. Regardless, i'm happy the way i am and that even though some days i'll say i'm a terrible person, i have friends to remind me i'm not.

*Words, words, words. They give me the ability to cry. To laugh. To be happy. To explain my thoughts as complicated or simply as i can. They can make me or break me. Without words, i'd never be able to sing. Or write. Or describe a morning sun rise. Or attempt to explain how greatful i really am for the life i have.

*Meine gute Deutsche Setze. Ich liebe zu sprecke Deutsche, und ich habe Frau Lamereaux zu sprecke "Danka" zu. Diese Jahre, sie hat die "Ente Leid" gesprecht fur die klasse. Die "Ente Leid" hat meine augen vor wasserin gehaltet. Ich kann spreche Englisch, aber ich kann spreche Deutshe zu! Ja Vole!

*The Duck Song. 1, 2, & 3. They make me happy when i am sad. The make good inspiration for CupCake Monday. Would you like Grapes or Lemonade with that?

*Silence. Sometimes lounder than sound, the silence allows all my thoughts to come out. The ones i can't think with a million different things humming in me ear. Thank you, sweet silence.

*All the little things in life. A smile here and there. Finding a penny tails side up and flipping it over to give the next person a little luck. Remembering it's the weekend so i can sleep in.
Getting over 100 texts throughout the school day containing only this weird smiley :E and noticing it only after my inbox has been filled. Saying whats on my mind. Dancing like no one's watching. Giving my puppy a kiss.

*Waking up each morning, and going to bed every night. Because for some people, they don't get another sunrise or sunset </3

I'm thankful for so very much, and above all i'm thankful for the god that watches over me and has blessed me with everything i have. i can't fit it into one religion, gender, size, colour, species, nationality, or anything else... But i know there's someone or something watching over me and knowing that gives me a piece of mind. So thank you. Thank you all. And of course thank you to the turkey that had no choice but to help fill my belly. Happy thanksgiving everyone.

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