Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get on the Ride!

Sometimes life is good... But sometimes it suckerpunches you in the gut and it just plain sucks. But then it gets better again... It's a bit of an overused metaphore but it really is a rollercoaster, with all it's up and downs. But hey, if you don't dare to ride it, then you'll miss all the fun it is to ride with your hands up in the air, wind in your face, the butterflies in your stomache and the weightlessness of floating if only for a second<3


  1. You said it best when you said that if you're afraid to ride it that you'll miss all the fun. Life is the best ride ever! Lots of bumps along the way but lots of exhilaration as well. Great work :)

  2. haha thank you! I had a moment of just pure bliss last night where everything was going right, and I became extremely optimistic(:


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