Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Late Night Thoughts on Thoughts

You know what has always amazed me?
The ability to think....
All people do it, and some are better at it than others (I know you're thinking of somone[s] in particular now hehe) But more so than the ability (or lack-there-of) to think is the ability for the mind to whirl from one thought to the next. I find myself very often being told to do something when I'm on the phone with my mother and I tell her I'll do it when I hang up, but the moment I get off the phone I've totally forgotten about it and it's not untill I hear the grage door announcing my mum's arrival that my memory turns on and I go "Oh (insert explitive of your choice here)!" This loverly string of thoughts come to me as I try to fall asleep (it's now 11pm) and I've got a million things on my mind. (It may be only a few subjects, but I have very detailed thoughts...) From trying to remember to switch purses and get a bag packed together for rock climbing after theatre rehearsal and a water bottle and a lunch and what I'm wearing just for the school day and extra shoes (for climbing) and of course making sure my head's still attached (that's the most important thing right?) and making sure my headphones get into my bag so I can watch the Voice during my 3 hours of free time (thank you PSSAs!!) and how much I love listening to the Fray right now and how I wish I could turn off my brain so I could sleep because to accomplish all this I have to actually get up at my alarm... Yeah I think that's a prety good example of the ramblings of my mind right there. How amazing is it that the mind can create thoughts that compell us to worry about all the little details and to make us make sure we have the important things and that it has us feel reassured because we have everything in a nice little rambling blogger post so we hopefully won't forget anything... (I'm thinking the us, as in people in general, changed to we, as in Me, Myself and I. Another wonderful example of thoughts!)
Now that it's 11:11 I'm wishing I can remember everything I need or want for tomorrow... *crosses fingers and toes for extra luck* Well now that I've rattled on long enough on what is just running through my head, I'm wondering if this post actually makes any sense or is what I had originally intended it to be... Ha! I'll read through it and then maybe I'll be able to get a wink or two of sleeeeeppp! (Hmmmm... Thought just occured to me... I had a frozen coffee [sooo yummyyy] AND lettuce AND chocolate cake today.... Psh that stuff doesn't make me hyper or anything (; tehehe)
*     *     *     *     *
Just read through this, and bless whoever acutally sits down and has the patience to get through all of this nonsense<3

Just a note as I post this now, I remembered everything hehe ^.^

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