Thursday, March 08, 2012

Living Like Cinderella

Awhile back, I was out to eat with some of my extended family -minus my mother and stepfather- at the fruited insect (Apple Bee's). My cousins are younger, and one happened to spill her milk. As I took it upon myself to clean it up, my uncle commented with a laugh:

"Most girls just want to be a princess, they skip being Cinderella."

I laughed with him and the first thing that came to mind as a reply:

"Oh, I'm used to it... I've been through the whole wicked step-mother wicked step sibilings thing..."

Because my aunt and uncle and grandparents knew what I was getting at, they all joined in with the laughter. But my answer wasn't meant to be a smart-ass reply. It had been something that I had thought about before, and it's what has been keeping me thinking about the lovely Cinderella... How much she had to put up with just to get one special night by chance to then go back to her terrible stepmother and stepsisters and continue life as it was... But lucky for Cinderella, she got the Prince to search the kingdom just to find her.


Why can't that happen to me?

I once had a stepmother, and stepsister and a stepbrother too, who stole away my father's affection. I've been reduced to living at the loneliest part of his abode, but I at least had my mother's to return to... That doesn't change much tho. Anyways, I used to clean my dad's house because my stepmother told me to, but for a couple years now she's out of the picture. These days, I clean to earn a little money. I still live with my mother and so I clean just keep the house and my room clean. I've also dealt with being ordered around, dealing with the orders of  "do-this," "do-that," and exclamations of "don't go there," and, "you can't possibly be expecting to be allowed to do that" from both sides of my parental situation.


I guess I've had some okay parallels too, like having a few friends that would do anything for me like GusGus and the other mices. And in a way I have had my own Fairy Godmother, but she's never around anymore. The point is, when I look at my life, and compare it to Cinderella, I see my life as a modern twist on hers. I honestly believe she may have had a better life than I do, but perhaps I just need to bind up my broken heart and be patient and wait for my Prince Charming to come. I think I just need to believe that a Happily Ever After is going to come at some point, and that the good things in life can't be rushed and found around every corner. If there's anything to be learned from Cinderella, it's to have an upbeat attitude and to dream. And to dream I shall...

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