Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh, Happy, Happy Week!

It's Friday... the last day before the weekend. It's weird... This week I've actually been in a really good mood and it's very unusual for me. I made the point to a friend that I can't remember going so long without crying or feeling the need to rip my hair out. And I'm loving not feeling the need to do anything rash. I think I can attribute my wonderful mood to a couple of things:

*THE WEATHER!! ahhhh how amazing!! (I'm noticing that I use that word a lot but there's no other way to say it) But it's being able to walk out of the house without a coat, to be able to wear a skirt or a dress and my sandals without my mother having a fit. It's being able to sleep with my windows open (although it does get a wee bit chilly) and waking up to the birds and the fresh air. It's being able to listen to the pure sound of the rain and knowing that the time for thunderstorms are upon us now. I can't stand to be shut in my house, so if there's anything to boost the happy meter, it's the weather.

*BLOGGERR!(: I'm starting to realize that there's more to the world and definitly more to Blogger than meets the eye. Each day brings the chance to read something new or to write something new and to interact with new people too... There's so many lovely folks out there that are sweet and kind hearted and have nothing but nice things to say. I used to think that Blogger would just be a place to keep my writing so I wouldn't loose it through the years, but now I see it as a place where I can get feedback as well. To whomever invented Blogger, I'm pretty sure I love you<3

*PSSAs. The Pensylvania State Student Assessments (I think thats what it stands for?) As a senior, I don't have to take them!! Wahoo! They weren't fun last year, but now this year's juniors have to take them. But what does that do for me? It allows me a good hour and 20 minutes in the morning to catch up on homework and blog. Then I go to AP English and then Calc, and from there I have the usual 35 minutes for lunch (which I tend to spend in the library) and then another... oh.... 3 hours to do nothing but BLOG! This is because on special days (and the PSSAs are VERY special) the bus schedual doesn't line up with the HS schedual and I leave the building to intern with preschool aged kids who are hard of hearing third period and then I'm a 2nd grade teacher's helper for 4th. Long story made short, I get atleast 4 hours to do nothing but blog, catch up on TV shows online, blog, help in the library, and oh yeah... blog(:

*Going down to the preschool, only on Mondays and Fridays... I love working with kids, but sometimes it gets to be a lot on a day to day basis.. So the three day break from them is kinda nice because I have a renewed amount of patience and I do love each and every one of them so I do miss them, no matter how much they may drive me crazy<3

*Friday Flex. Working in the library with new rules.. now there is absolutely no talking and no shinanagins to put up with from any of the 60 some-odd kids that are in here, most of them freshmen. Typing this now is lovely, it's a wonderful way to end the week.

So yes, nothing big or epiphany like here, I should have warned you sooner but I was just so excited to have something to type about. Now it's the weekend where I don't really have the ability to go on the computer but there will be more from me on Monday!(:

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  1. Sounds like you've had quite a wonderful week :) Have a great weekend and I look forward to reading your next posts next week!!


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