Saturday, March 31, 2012

Old Status Boredom

So I've been going through my Facebook timeline, only because they're forcing me to change into it and I have nothing else better to do, and I've found some pretty interesting status updates from the past couple of years:

" there is no such thing as disappointment. . . only prolonged excitement fueled by the innocence of hope. "

" enjoyed dancing barefoot in the yard under the sweet sun shine earlier... tempted to do the same under the moon but its getting cold ): "

" why am i trying to find new people to talk to? the best are those i haven't talked to in forever ♥ "

" wish on eyelashes, wish on stars, wish on coins and on time; wish on flowers, wish on candles, wish on bones and stones. whatever you wish on wish it from the heart and may all your wishes come true ♥ "

" there's nothing more i want to do than break the ice... but once it starts to crack there's no going back. "

" You know what? Go save the fluffy unicorns. "

" i shall go to sleep smiling and dream about the future, both near and far "

" So... Uh... Yeahhhhhh... My phone I guess has been really jealous of me being in the water lately that it decided to jump from the basket I placed on the table onto the boat ramp and slid so very gracefully into the lake. Here's to hoping rice works!!! "

" Have you ever had the feeling where there's people that you wish you talked to more or still talked to? Yeah, i have that feeling. "

" curled up in the back seat with my little pillow and stuffed animals... reminds me of the good ole days ^.^ "

" Last night's movie line-up: Rio, MAMD, Tangled, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm not sure what to say about this... "

" i'm an open book to whomever dares to turn the cover "

" "That's life" they say... They also say that patience is a virtue, love is a game, and that there are two sides to every story. So when will my patience pay off in this game? When will the two sides shut up long enough to let the truth come out? Both may not happen... cause as they say, "that's life". "

" Me thinks that fall is on its way, with this crisp cool air and leaves changing to warm dying colours. "

" Glitter, mud, and fire... What a great bonfire :D "

" .....i smell like corn......ew...... "

" If you connect the dots of life, you'll see that everything happens for a reason. "

" don't bother being mean... kill 'em with kindness. "


" Why does it seem like in a lot of the christmas movies involving the North Pole, characters leave to find something better? "

" feeling a bit klutzy..... "

" Pancakes for dinner... something I imagine Morrie would have loved doing. "

" with one foot already out the door why would you want to stay? "

" so much to say... and not enough time to say it. "

" sometimes, having the strength to cry and let it all out is greater than having the strength to bury it deep down inside. "

" I think it's gonna be a me, myself, and I movie night with my sock monkey to protect me if I get scared -.- "

" All i want is a boy who replies "as you wish" ♥ "

" have you ever tried rebuilding a bridge after there's nothing left but the ropes? it's hard )': "

" If this world came down to anything, friendship is more valuable than anything else. And to traded in friendship for something more makes it more vounerable to hurt and loss... And it just isn't worth that risk♥ "

" Krista: "How do you coach someone to run?" Laura: "The coaches yell, RUN, FOREST, RUN!" ♥ the Zimmermans (: "

" I am an e-bookaphobe and this says it all: "If you want to OWN a book, you'd better buy the dead-tree edition." ~The Week 2-17-12 "

" The Challenge: who gets the last cinnamon bun? Answer: Whomever isn't dead yet. Let the Hunger Games Begin! "

" I'm trading in my heels for hiking boots my 'good' jeans for holey ones and swe - I'm trading in my heels for hiking boots, my 'good' jeans for holey ones and sweats, and my makeup for dirt. That's the real way to go camping! (: "

" would feeding animal crackers to my dog be considered a form of caniblism? :P "

" If I were to put something where I thought safe, as to not loose it, where would I put it? "

" Sleeping in is a beautiful thing... but when the whole house sleeps in, it's priceless. "

" now i know why cats like to nap in pools of sunlight(: "

" The smell of straighteners, hairspray, and coffee... It's unlike anything else(: "

So yeah... that would be the result of going through my Facebook career, minus the first year I was on haha (I was a freshman then, and everything was just...not interesting)


Any note you wish to leave behind, I wish to read.