Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Red Light

Some believed in God.
Peach Marchers.
Men of everyday life
who volunteered away everything
for one reason or another.
In the end they were to gain it all back,
along with monetary pleasure.
Little did they know that they were to gain much more.
And for one…
Much less.

It was two weeks,
to become a different person.
Some were dubbed guards,
the rest became prisoners
to be kept inside a basement
with only a few rules.
Could it have been they were escaping the prison of reality,
if only for a short time?
Maybe it was so,
but only at first.

Man’s true instinct took over
as irresistible forces pulled at their subconscious.
It created desires and goals
only achievable by irrational behavior.
Fearless power became God.
Yet the only thing He had to fear was
The Red Light.

Little by little the envelope was pushed.
Boundaries were tested.
Loyalties made,
and broken.
With actual human lives on the line,
some lost sight of who they were.
Others hid from the Man in the Mirror.
Yet without the Red Glow,
despite the constant flow of Red Liquid,
It continued.

Will lost his Strength.
Hope lost his Will.
Freedom lost his Hope.
Man lost his Freedom.
In the face of self righteousness,
everyman lost his Strength.

Strength in the Bible.
Strength in Peace.
Strength in Creativity.
Strength in Life.

When the Proletarians
broke their prisoner’s chains
they made their Marx.
Once one could no longer have the chance to see the Red Light,
That is all anyone else could see.

Only pain,
as the doors opened
took away the fear of the Red Light.


  1. thank you for stopping by. love your work too!

  2. Just thought I'd note that this was inspired after reading about the Stanford Prison Experiment and then watching the movie, The Experiment. It might help to explain the poem a little better.


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