Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Song of Myself


Everywhere is a song.
From the cars rushing along the highway,
To the rain’s soothing melody.

My song plays to the same beat…
And then some.
It is here that I celebrate myself,
And there is no better way to say that.

All the words are written,
While some of them are found.

Everywhere is a song.
My song is composed of those songs,
And it is here I play tribute.


What would you give,
To live your life on the edge?
To keep between the lines of fear and blame,
Without giving up everything this amazing life has to offer?

I've created the sound of madness,
Wrote the book on pain,
Somehow I’m still here to explain.
How the first part of moving on with the rest of your life,
Starts with goodbye.

What would you give,
To lay here with a billion stars all around?
To get away from all the technology and mundane things,
And back to the simple things in life that we seem to forget about.

I love to try everything,
But I stay away from the bad stuff that I’ve seen others fail at.
Why would I want to harm this body,
That I’ve been so lucky to receive?
I love every part of me.
From my fingers to the tip of my toes,
To every scar and scrape.
Don’t get me wrong.
I’ll live my life on the edge,
But sometimes it’s lovely to have a ball pit waiting to catch you.

Throughout my life I’ve moved on,
Leaving relationships that were never meant to be.
In doing so,
I've found that goodbye
It is the only form of closure that one can really get anymore.

I’d give my last breath,
To just take a night to just throw everything to the wayside.
It’s amazing to see what the world will give you in return,
When you just take a moment to step back to enjoy the simple things
Like the stars, the moon,
The blackness that surrounds them,
And how much brighter the light then seems.


Everything has a song.
The wind plays the trees,
And the moon plays the sea.
A child whistles into a bubble,
And an elder whispers a quiet tale.

My life has a song,
And with it I celebrate myself.
With every breath,
I also sing with myself.

This is my song,
And it will play even when I’m gone.
It will continue to play in the hearts of others,
And it will play through the words on each and every page.
It will live on.


  1. Such a wonderful poem! Yes everything does have a song and you described it so eloquently. Beautiful writing my friend :)


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