Monday, March 05, 2012

The Spring Countdown

Again in Calc today I found myself staring out the window... There's not much sky to be seen, but the way the sun lights up the courtyard is always gorgeous. I always try not to loose myself in my thoughts as my teacher goes over problems for the other kids, but sometimes it's hard to resist the temptation... It was seeming like today was one of those days when I caught my teacher exclaiming that it was going to reach 60s this week... I turned my attention to inside the room as a smile grew in place of my once stoic expression. That's when my mind whirled across all the outfits I could make in the coming days... and my sandals! I can raise them from their grave in the back of my closet and give them life once again!
And I can go out into the garden, and pull all the weeds that decided rooting amongst the blueberry bushes and henry sweet spires would be a good idea... Oh to have the feeling of dirt under my fingernails again, it's something that gives a new hope to a world that was so cold and frozen. Spring in in sight, 16 days until it officially gets here and It will never be a day to soon!


  1. Hello just so you know I finished the post you wanted me to write thank you for commenting and giving me something to read bye :D


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