Wednesday, March 21, 2012

StarKid and My Night Last Night

--Stephanie Force

Starkid...... There's really nothing more I can say without first sighing...

*stares into space and...*



Okay. So now my last evening's tale.


First I have to give you some background... My very very totally awesome friend Laura got me caught in the firm fan hold that is Team StarKid. StarKid started with some totally awesome people at the University of Michigan and is now based in Chicago, Illinois. They have produced many shows, such as A Very Potter Musical, MAMAD (feel free to Google that one, it may come as a shock but don't brush it aside so fast... it's the most disturbing and heartwarming thing you will ever watch), A Very Potter Sequel, Starship, and soon to be released, Holy Musical B@tman! Recently they went on tour with The Space Tour and *sighhhhhhhhhhh*

The music kinda just fills me with this happiness... It bubbles inside of me and it radiates through every pore of my body like rays from the sun. PURE BLISS. That is what it is. It just....


I get all excited just typing it up. If you are reduced to only being able to listen to a couple of things, (I'm not even sure how I can do this) I'd say hit up from Starship, "Status Quo," "The Way I Do," and "Beauty." Those are absolutely beautiful. To get a little taste of A Very Potter Musical, listen to  "Not Alone" and the opening number, "Get Back to Hogwarts." I have to admit I'm not familiar with A Very Potter Sequel yet but I hear that "Those Voices" is really good. And from MAMD.... Well... I'm not sure if there's just one that rises above the rest (;

Anyways, now that you know of StarKid, my night started after I got home from rehearsal. I quickly kicked off my boots and bounded over the mess that is my room across to my CD player. Laura had burned me a copy of The Space Tour and of course I was uber excited to listen... So excited that I didn't bother to turn on the lights, because sometimes it's nice to just sit on the floor in the dark and just relax. So with delicate speed I took The Fray, Scars and Stories, out of the player and in went The Space Tour. Not more than five seconds later did the sweet sound of screaming fans arise when the announcer came on and went over the classic rules, StarKid style. Then things got a million times better.

Joey and Lauren and Dylan and all the other amazing ones came on and did their little opening skit... and then "I Wanna Be" from Starship began. Their voices are so amazing... It truly cheers me up; magic that only AWOLNATION has been able to accomplish. It's impossible to be sad when listening to their sound.

Now add in a dash of 20 questions from a guy that may or may not be asking me to prom and the result is a very happy and hopeful Stephanie. Let the mixture simmer for a little while, and then beat in all the family problems.

I paused the player when my sister and I went downstairs to try a piece of cake that she had made over the weekend, my sister and stepfather started yelling which caused my little brother to become frightened and so he started to cry which resulted in mum taking him out for a drive to get him away from the arguing. I fought the tears as I finished the cake, and when I attempted to just go for a short walk in the cool air my stepfather flipped saying that I couldn't leave the house and somehow I kept every comment that he had coming to him to myself and instead tried to explain to him how he should act as a parent towards my sister, not making the comments that he does. Naturally he didn't care what I was saying, so once he said "whatever" and made the comment that he was done talking, I just gave up. I stood tall as I walked up to my room, danced around the mess and sunk down to the floor. Through the tears I hit play to resume the magic. From there I got myself to a place where I wasn't going to let anything bother me (a lie to myself) as I let the wonderful melodies and the questions I was getting (about my favourite colour and drink and flower) rule over my mood.

So that was my night last night... and as I typed this up I suddenly realized that no matter what I say or do I will never be able to find the right words to make someone realize the severity of his or her actions... You may be able to see the need for change in others but unless they see it within themselves it will never be possible. As that may be something that is hard to grasp, just go to YouTube or iTunes or Google StarKid and let your self be whisked away aboard the ship on a sea of musical ingeniousness.


  1. I am definitely going to check out Starkid! Sounds interesting. As to the other topic in your post, you're so right when you say that a person will not change, no matter how many people think they should or tell them that they shoul,d, unless that person sees need for change within themselves. Very thoughtful post Stephanie.

  2. Let me know what you think when you do... I hope you enjoy!!

  3. starkid is the most glorious thing in the universe. no questions asked.


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