Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Wrong Decision - Word Magnets

So, I did this late Thursday night at my aunt's house, and I want to see if you can figure out what my intent behind it was(: Enjoy!


  1. I keep trying to unscramble the words but I can't seem to do so :)

    How about a hint :)

    1. The poem is as such:

      Perfume may question:
      a life
      a kiss
      a[n] embrace
      a change
      a trust
      Night is a prisoner

      The challenge comes to the meaning behind it (:

    2. Hmmmmm, I'll have to do some more thinking. I'm stumped :)

    3. Let me know when you want me to tell you what my thoughts were, and when you have any feel free to share, it's open for any interpretation lol

    4. Well my first thought was that all the words can be unscrabled to make a sentence...? Or perhaps a poem?

    5. You were right that it was a poem, and that it makes up several sentences. I'll probably end up writing a more elaborate poem later to better explain it because all I had to work with then was the magnets I saw there on the fridge. So while it adds an air of mystery, it kind of looses the background and the details of what I had originally been thinking.

  2. i'm wondering if the title has anything to do with it and if it might yield some hints... i'll keep thinking though

  3. I figured it out, and I saw your comment and I was right yay!


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