Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yes, These are My Friends

Sometimes my friends make my life.

My friends DO make my life.

Especially the infamous Casey...

So Laura, of Grammatically Incorrect English Major, and I are chillin in the in the TV Studio in the nice and quite for the brief duration of this morning when our good friend Casey comes in. She starts going on about how the people in the lobby are trying to get her to to register for voting (ooh the joys of being 18, eh?) But I tried to explain to her that if she doesn't vote, she won't get... complaining rights (my family tends to use a different word instead of complaining) but her response:

"But then they'll pull me into jury duty!!!"

Her distress is incomparable in words. But then she starts to start humming.... Laura turns around and asks

"Are you humming CHRISTMAS songs?"

Casey's reply:

"Well yeah.. there's no good Easter songs! Sure, there's Peter Cotton Tail but I always confuse that with Johnny Appleseed... After my birthday I'm ready for Christmas again!"

Oh the good times when I get to talk to Casey... (:


  1. definitely do love riding on trains! i was lucky enough to take a trip to the canadian rockies a few years ago and we ended up going on a 2 day nonstop train trip through the beautiful mountains. there aren't as many train passages as there used to be... but they are certainly still out there, just search for them!

    this comment had nothing to do with your post... oh well!

  2. hahaha(: that sounds like so much fun! Sometimes I find myself wanting to listen to my iPod when it's raining or when I'm on a train but I don't want to miss out on the sounds of the everyday world I opt to enjoy the sounds of nature. I really would love to travel across Europe and specifically England via train... (perhaps discover Platform 9 3/4? hehe)


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