Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Last of Days (Graduation)

Hello all, here I am, officially Graduated for the past two days! (: *pause for applause* haha well I told you I'd write some about what happened at graduation, and I try to not disappoint. ( Some people may have other words on that... ) But here it is:

After a week's worth of practices running from 8 AM until between 10:30 and 11 ( yes, AM! ) the big day came upon me and left faster than a starving mosquito. ( Don't question my analogies ^.^ )

I didn't have a lot of tears, with exception to first getting to the school waiting for everyone to arrive. The day had been crazy with trying to figure out how to fit in visits with BOTH sides of the family... It was getting to be too much when mixed in with thinking about all the friendships that fell apart and the people I'd never talk to again. But after sitting down and listing to the directions that we were being reminded of, I was good for the majority of the rest of the night.

I say majority because in the program we had a special piece for Tom. A thank you to the community from Mrs. Lynch was read, along with a poem and bio about him written by Andrew (his best friend, who was like a brother to him ). Andrew then released balloons which were gorgeous against the blue sky.

The next time tears almost came was when the diplomas started to get handed out. There are several sets of twins in my grade, and the Ehret brothers are two amazing guys who are just... amazing! Chris and Corey... they have such a special bond that's been tried and true with everything that's happened. The short story is this: Corey has been diagnosed and batting Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of childhood cancer, for 5 or 6 years now. ( If you do the math, you're right.... he was 12 or 13 when he found out. ) But he's been strong in keeping up with his work and attitude when it comes to not being able to be in school and treatment and everything else that comes with it. He wasn't able to go through all the rehearsals, but we were told that with the help of his brother, he was going to walk. It had gotten to be time for Chris to go up but the girls I was sitting next to and I didn't know where Corey was... we were honestly starting to get really worried until we heard clapping and saw the rows in front of us turn around. In a go-cart kind of thing rode Corey and his family walked beside it. Everyone stood and clapped as he got closer and as Chris came down from the ramp to meet his brother, and it was together that the two of them slowly made their way to the stage. Words cannot describe the beauty in a moment like that, but it truly is something that touches the heart.

When it was my turn to go up, I walked and got complimented on wearing my Scout pin. The rest of the ceremony was a blur, but here are some pictures to top off this post!(:

The stage and chairs looking quite empty.

My partner and I walking in to Graduation.
( I'd say we have swag :P )

Four white balloons and a silver star released for Tom.
P.S. I hope you caught them <3

The president and superintendent of the district...
My thoughts? "Don't fall! SMILE! Say thank you! Don't forget to flip the tassel!"

We throw our caps up in the air sometimes....

My Uncle Jay, Sister Katelyn, and Aunt Nancy.
I think they brought some Florida sun with them. (:

My Aunt Nancy, myself, and Uncle Jay.

My Father and I.

My Mother, myself, and my Father.
(Yes... this was a rare happening!!)
[rarer than seeing Bigfoot!]

My Grandparents (Father's side) and I.

Katelyn and I...
And my Father photobombing... :P

My totally awesome Sociology and Psychology (and every day Life Lessons) teacher Mr. Tom Gilroy and I.

Miss Emily and Katelyn.
Best Friends <3 <3

Jeff Kelly, myself, and Shaun Mitchell.
The cool tech guys of the Theatre department.

I came out of nowhere with a hug to my bestest friend, Andrew. <3 <3

And why they didn't center the "Dallas" with the "High School", the world will never know...
(But don't I look cute under it?)

The world's best Librarian, Ms. Augustine, and I.

The official certificate that's about the size of half a slice of computer paper.

The Cabanas for the all night Lock-in, which happened from 10:30pm until  6 in the freaking morning!

Tables for Lock-in which I rarely sat in.

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  1. What wonderful pictures!! Congratulations as you embark upon your new journey my friend :-)


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