Friday, June 01, 2012

Nature's Balance

I stand in the middle of the woods,
the focal point holding Nature's balance within my sight.
To my left the water rushes and gushes.
To my right it flows smooth and steady.
A juxtapositional metaphor,
just waiting for someone with the poetic touch.
Life's so complicated.
It's so...
Stop and go.
If we're not chopping ourselves into fine bits,
scattering ourselves thin,
Then we're doing absolutely nothing.
But that's to the extreme.
If you bring your gaze from the far side of each bank,
and closer to the path in between,
you'll find a moment to steady yourself.
Discover the combination of being busy and having down time.
In one glance,
watch the water take chances,
jumping over rocks,
turning life upside down;
while it also relaxes,
taking things slow and steady,
taking time to enjoy the ride.
That's the way to live one's life.
Stand in the middle of the woods,
with the flow of water to your right and left.
Watch how each one moves differently,
and just take a moment to learn from Nature's balance.

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