Sunday, March 17, 2013

Overlapping Times

I wonder who sat
and wrote at this typewriter
all those years ago.

Did they fuss over the same stubborn keys as I?
Did they grin upon seeing their thoughts on the page?

Each bang and click clack
takes over the room's silence.
Their thoughts then. Mine now.

Hopeful Watching

Chance to one last look.
Would luck happen to your side?
It is meant to be.

Last Words

The page's last words,
are they better than the rest?
That is up to you.


Watch the seconds go
not wasted, but with purpose.
A chance to catch up.

Letting Go

I throw my troubles
in with the creek going by.
Leaves crunch underfoot.

Distance In Between

Separation is
the best reminder to love
and cherished your friends.

March Flurries

The snow is falling
but my nose does not deceive,
Spring is on its way.

Evil Squirrels

I can hear their squeaks...
I feel like they are plotting
a way to get me.

Big Sister Babysitting

This game of playing
mother is no longer fun.
I'll take some wine though.


Pancakes and sprinkles,
drowned in butter and syrup.
What a midnight snack!

Secret Stones, Whispered Words

Clink on my window
and let the wind hear my name.
We'll run, together.

The Gun

It was in my hands...
the control of destiny
with a finger's flick.

No Longer Waiting

Ignoring my phone,
I fight the power that holds
my heat's hope to you.

This Is Key

The only way to
unlock my heart is to first
dive into my mind.

Another Reality

Just remember the
way to escape from this world
is turning the page.


Inspired by words
of the voice of someone else
ignites my passion.


Welcome to new life.
It's a brilliant feeling
finding yourself, yes?


They're all the same. No stars. No sleep. Always running and running and never stopping. People creeping around corners, strolling down streets. Crashing, clanging, crying. Screaming, shouting, shuddering.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


He looks down at his feet, at the one withered flower. Picking it up, he exchanges it for the one that he brought with him.

"I'm sorry no one else comes, it's just that, no one else knows."

He continues on with the highlights of his week, and just like the weeks past he ends it the same way.

"They won't catch me. I'll be back next week. I promise."

Thursday, March 07, 2013


And so it returned. All of the day's hard work and persistence got thrown out the window as I sit here and write. I don't know where it comes from... this constant unhappiness. This longing for something more in life. I should be content with what I have but yet I yearn for what I know will never happen. I can have a beautiful day full of accomplishments and laughter and still it is not enough. All I want is someone to share the night with, and so the pain returns.