Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Waiting for the Turnaround

Slowly weary eyes
greet a gray and weary day.
The sun must shine soon.


I cradle the glass
nestled between my fingers.
I grin as it falls.

Trying to Hold On

The time that goes by
burns like a rope through my hands;
it never ceases.

My Family Place

I'm sitting here exhausted and drained and emotionally strained and all I want to do is cry.

It's been one of those days.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Childhood Ignorance

It's kinda funny...
Years ago we were all friends
but now, we're nothing.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Difference

In this great big scheme
we are smaller than the stars.
Look up and compare.

Learning to Ski

It doesn't matter
how many times you fall down
as long as it's fun.

Thursday, July 04, 2013


Nothing says freedom
like spinning 'round in the dark
playing with sparklers.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Into the Blue Sky

Have you ever watched
an eagle just disappear?
No matter how hard
you try to focus on him,
sometimes you have to let go.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Getting Out of the Car

I'm just like a fawn
or a crippled penguin when
my legs are waking.

Approaching the Destination

The familiar sights
ignites the adrenaline
making me restless.

Leaving the City

My lungs, they shudder
as they gasp for some fresh air.
I run towards the woods.

The Ever Changing Scenery

Look! A tree! And there!
Another tree! And there's more!
All I see is trees!


Trapped within metal
my legs cry out for freedom.
They want to touch ground.

A Mindful Camera

Close one eye and blink.
Do remember what you saw,
for that moment's past.


There's a distant pain,
a deep pounding in his head...
Another bottle
added to the foggy night;
another to the morning.

A Devine Plaything

The top was set down
by delicate fingers and
twisted everything.


When you have nothing,
what is it that you cling to?
What truly matters?

The Lighted Cross Overlooking the Highway

Hidden by the trees
it is only seen at night
or by a close eye.

Driving By Curiosity

I study each face
as I sit in the backseat,
wanting eye contact

No Matter What I Say

There's this kind of life
that I've only read about.
I don't know torture.

The Whiteout

Only brought out once
in an error's existence,
it it left for dead.

The Cup of Pen and Pencils

They're all rejected,
except for a lucky two
that quote, "work the best".

The Staple

All it does is wait,
just a line short of an 'E',
until it's forced flat.


How did they produce
great messages that vary
from just one fire?

Outdoor Listening

The water bubbles.
Whispers are heard from the tent.
The fire whistles.


It dances for more,
reaching higher and higher.
The light proves it's strength.

Camping with a Different Kind Of Snow

Big white specks fluttered
on down from the ground below.
Born not out of cold
but of the billowing smoke
that arose from the hot flames.

Andddddddddd GO!

Two days ago I signed up to be part of a 31 Day Blogging Challenge and it was by fluke that I came upon it. I had been trying to go through a Twitter detox by not posting anything but then I was compelled to write a little diddy about how I was feeling in regards to packing for my travels to visit family in New Hampshire. ("Trying to be practical is becoming impractical." is how that went.) In doing so, I saw a tweet promoting the challenge. Curiosity got the best of me and since I have been trying to write more and post more I followed the breadcrumbs of links and retweets. What I found seemed completely legitimate so I decided to sign up for it. All I have to do is post everyday for 31 days.

I got off to a wonderful start, eh?

Traveling up here to NH was a heck of a time... the ride was enjoyable but it was long and slow due to the rain and traffic. I managed to write a lot of poems though, so in a way that's a benefit. When I think about just posting a couple haiku a day, part of me feels as if that would be cheating because 3 lines doesn't exactly compare against several paragraphs. But hey, that's what the majority of this blog is made out of these days and by definition each haiku that I write goes up in a post so I guess that part of me should take it's opinions and take a hike...

Then I look at what I have here and it's a good 'ole paragraph by paragraph post, so maybe I can fit a few of those in here and there. It really couldn't hurt, right?