Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Red Balloon

I want to float out
of this crowded world of gray
The wind can keep me. 

A Better Reality

Simply fall asleep. 
Let your heart's illusion make
All your dreams come true. 


Where did this come from?
When did a one night stand turn
into something more?
I won't, I can't, fall for him. 
My heart isn't capable. 


I was ready to put my heart in the line. 
I rolled up my sleeves. 
You gave the green light. 
So I fell. 
Now I'm waiting for one of these horse's men
to put me together again. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tick... Tock... Not.

The clock, it taunts me. 
At 11:11,
its heartbeat swells up
reminding me that wishes
were never meant to come true. 

And Still

There is emotion
swelling up inside of me, 
grasping at my throat. 
Lonely pains filled with regret 
pang away into nothing.