Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Crush: Justification

My god, look at him. 
He's sweet, funny, caring, kind,
hard-working and real. 

A Crush: Considering Consideration

But... What if... Maybe... 
I mean... It couldn't hurt... Right?
Just let it happen. 

A Crush: Denying Consideration

Well... Maybe... No! Nada. 
It's not happening. This, no. 
It's not possible. 

A Crush: The Beginning

Oh no. No. No. No.  
Fucking oh hell no. 

Should've Stayed a Secret

I speak the truth and
the truth condemns my heart for
believing in you. 

And We Walked Together

There was a moment.
Two walks of life became one. 
There was a moment.